About Us

About Us

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In 2018 Sarp Express has placed under its own brand a structure having more than 15 years of experience in logistics industry and now offers road and multimodal transportation services by in-house fleet. Rendering services through professional teams in partial-complete transportation by benefiting from diversified equipment, infrastructure and the experience of group companies, Sarp Express each and every day expands service network thereof both inland and abroad.

We are well aware of your necessities.

Expert Staff

We continuously find solutions by expert teams.

Complete and Partial Transportation

We meet your complete and partial loads with appropriate equipment and routes.

Strong Agent Network

Thanks to our strong agent network, we render services to numerous spots throughout the world.

Why Sarp?

We are at your service by means of our professional team, the fleet consisting of new vehicles and diversified transportation equipment.

We are Fast

We quickly establish operational processes and take action faster.

We deliver on time

We very well know that being fast in business means a step forward in competition. Therefore we abide lead times.

Cost effectiveness

We offer lower prices compared to road transportation by using intermodal infrastructure, hence, we make saving.